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First and Foremost, thank you for stopping by our site.This is the creation and brainchild of our company’s owner Kris RangachariKris comes with an extensive background in garments and textiles, over 30 years, he specializes in women’s wear. The inspiration came from his family mostly his mother (Amma) who he was very close to. Kris had a vision to create the best shopping experience for his customers and to offer the very best quality of items, at Amma’s the customer comes first, Kris has turned Amma’s into a family business where his 2 children are involved and are honoring their grandmother.Every item listed is hand chosen by Kris who goes to the Manufactures and factories personally.With Amma’s you can rest assured you are getting a quality product without the hassles of bargaining. Amma’s is based out of the United States and part of our proceeds go to help local families with medical bills, education and the basic neccessities of life.All our endeavors create jobs as well as bring recognition to the efforts of our artisans who weave this saree to the international world. Our plans for the future is creating realities of having a decent life, education for their children , enhancing ,providing security and making their ambitions, aspirations come true..Sign up below for our monthly giveaways and newsletters of new products

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